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  • what to do about Work

    I’ve mulled a lot about work. W would probably call it by a different name, perhaps complaints. ha What I’ve concluded today is that each person is motivated by completely different objectives. Some are motivated by forward thinking – wanting to take the company to the next level, some are motivated purely by financial goals, […]

  • family
  • W and the baby

    I told W the other day – it’s strange to think that this girl will never know us the way we are now. How we’re experiencing this pregnancy and how our dynamics were prior to her arrival. W and I have been for about 15 years now. We first met when we were both 21, […]

  • family
  • active little girl

    This girl is really active. Squirming around and actually making my belly visibly shake. It is a bizarre feeling. And the first time I felt her move viscerally, and I mean that in the literal and physical way, the feeling was so creepy! I had been readying myself for sleep and was lying on my […]