active little girl

This girl is really active. Squirming around and actually making my belly visibly shake.

It is a bizarre feeling. And the first time I felt her move viscerally, and I mean that in the literal and physical way, the feeling was so creepy! I had been readying myself for sleep and was lying on my side, my hand on the side of my belly that was on the bed… when what I felt was like a worm wiggling inside my body! The sensation lasted only for about a half second but it startled me. Previously the girl would tap around in my belly. That tapping felt cute. This feeling was not quite as cute. I immediately panicked and called out for W and grasped his hand for support. He was out cold (the couple of scotches probably knocked him out) as he breathed deeply and peacefully with nary a concern for what I was experiencing.  That guy. =)

Now I’m a bit more used to the sensation but it is still weird.

We bought a dresser for the little one (maternal grandparents funded!) and W has been hard at work assembling it. We’ll be checking out car seats and getting our carpets cleaned soon. Paternal grandparents are helping us with a purchase of a larger car. I feel spoiled and am amazed at our combined family’s generosity. How fortunate we are to be gifted so lavishly. Hopefully we have a lot to celebrate in our future – we are all preparing ourselves for this new little one!

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