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  • fever

    i fainted from dehydration and having a high fever last week. it was not a nice experience.  fortunately W came home from work to fetch me and take me to the hospital where i got a 1L iv infusion. my highest temp was 103.7 F and i’m glad it’s done and over with. it was […]

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  • caught in a whirlwind

    whenever i had taken personality tests, i’m always somehow smack dab in the middle of being characterized as either an introvert and extrovert.  left to my own devices, i think i’d live my life more as an introverted person.  i don’t gather groups of friends. fortunately i’ve been a lucky participant of already formed groups […]

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  • tuesdays are better than mondays

    that’s a pretty broad statement, isn’t it?  i’m obviously in a better mood than yesterday. sometimes it take a day, a good night’s sleep, and distraction to help me regain perspective that this bachelorette party planning (or any issue of any day) is not “ruined.”  i’m healthy, everyone is healthy, i am not in trouble, […]