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  • good morning, Tuesday

    i hope that it will be a quiet and productive day. here’s my wishlist for the day: after work,  i want to do 30 minutes of exercise and 30 minutes of piano playing today. i also wish to have a healthy and light dinner and to end the evening by coming up with some good […]

  • everyday
  • back to normalcy

    Now that my accounting class is done, i can go back to piano practicing, having a consistent sleep schedule, and getting back into a regular workout routine. Tonight i get to run around Miramar Lake.  Even though i’m terribly out of shape and can’t run as much as i had when training for half-marathons (i […]

  • eating
  • blame the partner

    i’ve been blaming W lately for my food decisions, and it totally sucks to be him.  honestly, i’ve been transferring my guilt for my lack of self-control and realize that it’s completely unfair.  my focus should be on being happy for life and being appreciative for every decision i get to make.  it’s a privilege […]