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  • my friend gave me a book

    what to expect before you’re expecting That’s the name of the book. i noted that my reaction wasn’t defensively paranoid when she gave it to me. in fact, i’m pretty curious about the whole having kids/ making a family thing. this was back in December.  it’s nice that my friend didn’t bring up the subject […]

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  • M & D

    I just saw my little niece and nephew this past weekend and I think I am getting better with hanging out with kids.  M is my little niece & D is my little nephew; respectively they are 5  and 7.  After years of uncertainty and being unsure whether we were even really part of the […]

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  • a renewal from loss

    It was tougher than I remembered.  Going to a funeral is brutal on the soul. At first I was disturbed at how many feelings Mrs. Chu’s passing would stir up; though I was very much saddened to learn about her suffering and grieved for and with her family’s loss, I barely knew her.  And though […]