• random
  • a pregnancy related nightmare

    Yep, she’s still in my uterus. And no, I’m still not used to her being there. I’m on week 24 this weekend and this experience remains a totally surreal. However, my condition is finally making its way to my dreams! In fact, I had a gross nightmare last night. In my dream, a man – […]

  • learning
  • accounting class – managerial

    I’m taking the other half of the introduction to accounting series at City College in San Diego. In this class, I’m getting a different set of terms and perspectives on ways of evaluating business operations.  I really don’t understand why we’re not taught this stuff in high school. It’s much more practical than Economics.

  • everyday
  • tuesdays are better than mondays

    that’s a pretty broad statement, isn’t it?  i’m obviously in a better mood than yesterday. sometimes it take a day, a good night’s sleep, and distraction to help me regain perspective that this bachelorette party planning (or any issue of any day) is not “ruined.”  i’m healthy, everyone is healthy, i am not in trouble, […]

  • bachelorette
  • very disappointed

    i ran into a couple obstacles lately regarding the bachelorette party.  honestly, i don’t know why it can’t be easier – i suppose i should have been more prepared to feel this disappointment after the reading i have done about the horrors of bachelorette party planning! in analyzing the situations, it does make sense why […]