i fainted from dehydration and having a high fever last week. it was not a nice experience.  fortunately W came home from work to fetch me and take me to the hospital where i got a 1L iv infusion. my highest temp was 103.7 F and i’m glad it’s done and over with.

it was a frustrating experience as i felt that i was putting a lot of fluid into my system; i was drinking about 2 cups of water and gatorade every hour or couple hours as i was intent on replenishing the fluid that would evacuate my system. i thought i was being quite successful as the fluid that would leave my system was very, very light in color. So hearing that i was dehydrated was puzzling.

after the iv infusion i got well so quickly and i’m glad i had it done. the people at my kaiser hospital were so caring and sweet. i’m happy with the experience.

it still took me quite some time to feel recovered and i don’t even feel completely well yet – it’s been over 10 days. my friends had a group outing planned at a vacation home out in Palm Desert this past weekend and i had barely any motivation to participate. it was unfortunate timing. in any case, W and i agreed that our partying days appear to be over. we seem to be more interested in daytime activities rather than drinking a lot of alcohol and dedicating the day to recovery from over-inebriation. so we were first to go to sleep at nights over the weekend, which was a little bit embarrassing… but at least it was nice that we’re partners together with the same mindset.  we tried to goad each other to have at least one of us represent a good late-night-party-face.  it didn’t work.

today i’m back to the daily grind and i decided that i’m motivated to take care of my debts (school loan). i think i’ll need a new car in about 5 years as mine is 10 years old now. it would be nice to be free of it before taking on another loan.

that’s all for today~

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