journaling, an update

It’s nearly needless to say that I’m terrible at journaling. I say it now and again because I find it awkward to simply leap into a new post.

The biggest change in my life recently is that W and I are expecting a little one one September. Expecting… pregnant… with child…  And with 3 and a half months left, I’m determined to log some semblance of thought regarding my state of being.

Currently we know the one developing in my uterus is a girl. It’s hard to imagine her in our lives. We have been mainly focusing on my changing body and adapting to a different lifestyle.

Though just yesterday we were gifted a hand-me-down mini crib from a couple of dear and thoughtful friends, the Chu’s. It’s white. We will start assembling it in the coming weeks. It’s exciting to see a piece of baby-related furniture because now the baby will occupy some physical space in our home. It’s a bit of a mind-bender thinking that there’s going to be a newly produced being staying and living and depending on us for…ever?! Though she’s not considered technically “viable” yet, I’m becoming aware that she is developing a soul in my mind.

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