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  • a pregnancy related nightmare

    Yep, she’s still in my uterus. And no, I’m still not used to her being there. I’m on week 24 this weekend and this experience remains a totally surreal. However, my condition is finally making its way to my dreams! In fact, I had a gross nightmare last night. In my dream, a man – […]

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  • movement

    Whenever I start a post, the feeling of self-consciousness overtakes me. And then I find myself having trouble touching the keyboard. My hands just hover. I remember this feeling – when I was young and handwriting a journal entry; I felt this same feeling of exposure. It’s absolutely true that in my case that starting […]

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  • journaling, an update

    It’s nearly needless to say that I’m terrible at journaling. I say it now and again because I find it awkward to simply leap into a new post. The biggest change in my life recently is that W and I are expecting a little one one September. Expecting… pregnant… with child…  And with 3 and […]