tuesdays are better than mondays

that’s a pretty broad statement, isn’t it?  i’m obviously in a better mood than yesterday.

sometimes it take a day, a good night’s sleep, and distraction to help me regain perspective that this bachelorette party planning (or any issue of any day) is not “ruined.”  i’m healthy, everyone is healthy, i am not in trouble, and nobody i know is in trouble.  plus, it’s june and the weather is pretty great & and there is tons of daylight.

i can’t believe that i was so miserable yesterday…  i wish there was a way for me to get over a negative emotion more quickly.

by the way, what happened yesterday was that i received an email from my friend that basically stated that i was being annoying, confusing, and frustrating to a few of her friends.  which was basically everything i didn’t i tried not being.

failure happens to the best of us, and in this case, it is ok with me… for now!  ;o)

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