ultrasound/sonogram appointment and results

Several weeks ago I had a ultrasound appointment. The appointment was pretty fascinating – we saw the baby in her non-squidlike form for the first time. And she was rolling around and moving so much! This came at quite a shock to both W and I as we both could barely feel her move at the time. We watched her trying to suck her thumb. I think we were cheering her on (you can do it, little girl!). hehee

Friends of ours had christened our baby the “little squid” when they saw our 1st sonogram; she had appeared sprawled out at her 1st ultrasound appointment, which was done at approximately 8 weeks. Her head was huge and little tail/tailbone obvious. Cute little squid, actually, and totally normal looking for an embryo at that age. It’s amazing to think we all developed through that stage.

At 20 weeks, she looked more or less like a fully developed, albeit tiny baby. I think she has W’s head shape. The ultrasound technician was not allowed to divulge any information, but he was funny and reassuring – letting us know that she appeared to be normal. He printed out some pictures for us as keepsake of the experience.

Fast-forward 4 weeks to our sonogram diagnosis appointment (life felt like it was in slow-motion because I wanted results! immediately!), I was very worried – Is she ok? Is she developing normally? – as the midwife was sharing the information our geneticist reported. W and I are given the news that she has 2 of everything she is supposed to have, and 1 of everything else that she’s supposed to have. She is healthy and quite normal.

At that time I’m also assured that my worrying has only begun, and that parenthood is all about worrying about the offspring’s well-being. And the intensity of the feeling only magnifies as time passes. It makes sense – I’m becoming more and more attached and concerned about this little one and a little less focused on myself. My diet & clothing restrictions are completely acceptable. Her kicks reassure me that she’s alive and active. My uncomfortable weight gain shows me that she is developing and maturing. W has been working behind the scenes, so to speak. He has been so supportive and taking on more activities for preparation of this coming child and has eased a lot of my financial worries, and changed much of his own lifestyle to accommodate my limits. It’s interesting to go through this nesting phase together.

It’s stunning to think that all the changes in our lives are signs of a hopeful future that welcomes another person… quite soon!

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