W and the baby

I told W the other day – it’s strange to think that this girl will never know us the way we are now. How we’re experiencing this pregnancy and how our dynamics were prior to her arrival.

W and I have been for about 15 years now. We first met when we were both 21, and we had a couple dates right before I turned 22. Looking back, both of us were positively on cloud 9 in love. While we were relatively poor in resources we had so much fun doing both nothing and experiencing everything together. Now we’ve settled down, have steady jobs, and acquired a home and also the fortune of maintaining a higher standard of living compared to our previous lives.

We were humming along at a nice, easy pace in life – concerned mainly for ourselves. This year our relationship has really changed. W and I are now focused on everything baby-related.  Well, work and baby. It’s such a pleasant and tender transition… we have always been extremely affectionat with each other, but now the focus is different. Nearly every morning, W hugs my belly and listens to this girl thumping around; he gets quite the pleased expression on his face when she’s active. When we’re at work, I’ll instant message him when she’s kicking and he loves the updates. He’s happy that she’s healthy. It’s a very sweet time in our lives.

Even with this daily shift, it will be such an adjustment when she arrives. It’s always been just him and me. We were our own family. Now she’ll be entering the picture and we will be hugging her instead of W hugging my belly. We will be interested in her, her needs and wants, and her developing personality. Our lives are apparently going to be focused on her and we may become second to each other. I don’t know. In the end I hope that we’ll achieve a good balance.

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