a pregnancy related nightmare

Yep, she’s still in my uterus. And no, I’m still not used to her being there. I’m on week 24 this weekend and this experience remains a totally surreal.

However, my condition is finally making its way to my dreams! In fact, I had a gross nightmare last night.

In my dream, a man – a very nice man in real life – tried to pat me on the belly. But I’m sensitive to physical affection from pretty much anyone other than W, so when that occurred in my dream, I somehow started producing mucus out of my mouth and ears. Apparently I was being a sort of octopus and “inking” at the man. Obviously this was such as bizarre dream and I was so distraught that W woke me up from my dream because I was sounding very disturbed. Thinking on my dream, I am still amazed at its strangeness and totally disgusted. I mean, was that was my first dream about pregnancy? This was not warm and fuzzy kind of attitude that one might associate with pregnancy.  ha!  Apparently my subconscious mind is weird. And gross.

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